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Close-Knit for Life prepares to launch the first in a series of books

Not only is Close-Knit for Life proud to offer the public its flagship, digitally downloadable product, The Close-Knit Carebook, with printed and collated sets to be made available soon - we're excited about the upcoming publication of "Getting Close-Knit... Our Shift to 'We.'" This handy book provides you and yours with the "Secrets to a Successful Home Caregiving Team."

Getting Close-Knit...Our Shift to "We" can accompany you anywhere you're going on your C-K journey advocating and caring for yourself or someone you love. It's full of insightful quotes from influential people throughout history, followed by instantaneous reactions to each by the founder of Close-Knit for Life, Wren Owens.

Even better, Getting Close-Knit...Our Shift to "We" leaves lines and lines of empty space for you to write your own thoughts, reactions, notes or questions. This book is ideal for "bundle" sales so that each member of your team can have a copy, assuring you all are keeping common focus and providing places to note personal observations.

At the back of the book you'll find a comprehensive list of recommended publications, organizations and resources; along with complete measures and weights conversions so vital to assuring proper doses and measurements in care.

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Other Publications Underway

Supporting your interest in helping others help you.

Close-Knit for Life!

Living in Service - Caring for Others

Close-Knit for Life chronicles over forty years of the experiences of author, Wren Owens, in caring for loved ones. These include family members, friends, co-workers and precious animals.

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Close-Knit Love

A loyal pair face life, the U.S. healthcare system, and death together.

This is the detailed story of two friends over eighteen years, through multiple near-death experiences, tender intimate times, harrowing life challenges, and heartbreaking disappointments in the present U.S. healthcare system today.

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Writing underway for the third book in our series: Close-Knit for Life!

Living in Service - Caring for Others

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